There is a song in every heart and love in every beat.  Music is the soul of man, and love is the breath of God.  Welcome to . . .From the Composer who cares. . .


If music arises from the soul, then listening to music should be a valued and sacred event.  To choose for oneself the time, the place and the kind of music one values is indeed a blessing in any life, for this choice will allow the invocation of the possibilities for a deeper realization of the message available through the language of music.
Classical music connotes order. Moments and times tend to challenge, to bring a general strife home to an individual and to us all.  Thus, to create a profound mental and emotional context which soothes through an innate orderliness and which speaks directly to an holistic emotional vision should be a gift to the listener, to the one who simply enjoys music.

A true composer is one who has crossed the unsafe waters and has achieved a measure of realization of self that allows an expression of the inner truth which matches a realization of the reality that we all strive to bear and to know and to transcend through active know-how.  The idea for one who composes is to communicate this deeper realization to others through pleasing resolution and to do so even with the imposition of the tumult, the discord and the trying moments from which we try to learn to become more complete.  Any composer of classical music hopes and works in the art of creating music to cause others who hear this music to become more aware and to be inspired by the sounds, to drive more to the truth all about us and within us.  Since this mode of creation, especially for this composer, is highly contemplative, the ultimate idea is to inspire in the listener a kind of contemplation, also.

All music has a way to bring about a desire and mode for contemplating.  Classical music is more abstract; moreover, this is true especially if it is non-verbal such as are these works of art on the electronic keyboard.  The abstract realm of cognition allows a profound approach to the nurture of a mental attitude.  Once a basic attitude of surrender to the more subtle message of a composer is attained by a listener, then a certain contagion will confer a contemplative appreciation of that message.  However, that conferred message carries over into life's other and more involving, vital activities and concerns. Perhaps that is why so many music enjoyers believe in listening to their favorite pieces of music no matter where they are or no matter what else they are doing.   
Classical music is meant to teach a truth so great that it need not be heard actively in order to accomplish its work . If one attains the attitude to listen in the abstract to music, then one can be gifted with the contemplative mind and ardor to actually hear beyond the notes being heard.  There is no other way to say it.  This is enlightenment; indeed, there is no measure in the value for enlightenment held by a qualified individual.  Enlightenment opens a gateway to harmony in the world for the one who is aware that a more complete thinking will bring about such harmony.
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Listen, then, to this composer as according to her prayers and dreams that your life will be bettered by the sound of music.  May you be gifted by the contemplative ardor of one whose life and hopes have been momentously influenced by the place of classical music to reach in and inspire a greater contemplation of God's purpose and plan. 

It is in classical music where the heavens open up and call forth the sublime messages of beauty and splendor in God's creation to be witnessed by one who listens with a heart filled with devotion and a love for harmony, for honey-sweet phrases and a structure woven with counterpoint; these all hone out a meaning in a way much like profound discourse.  Its dignity will elicit and cultivate a readiness for good expectation in the listener such that the progression becomes dear and the suspension on a particular theme captivating.

Live for the message in music.  Whatever love lives in your heart for the power of sound to stir new recognition of the place and purpose you may find in life and in your prayers for others, or whatever memory you hold for a song that once touched your inmost love for self and for the way you found through that song and all the songs you sought for equal message thereafter may you please bring all of that love to this offering which is for you.  Such as my offering was written for you from the heart of one who worships in music.  May you find your inner peace.  May you live in your inner peace.   May you hear this music, for it is yours.
Let all thoughts and concerns happily be placed aside for the while as you contemplate my music or any composer's music.  Place yourself instead upon a platform of dedicated interest in seeking to know the inner truth of the message intended by the musical work at hand.   There is no concern except to allow yourself the moment and the freedom to revel in and to fully, most totally cherish the beauty of the classical work you hear as it unfolds its truest melody and dignified accomplishment for your secure appreciation.  There is no other task or duty which should interfere with this quest to reflect, to contemplate and to integrate this glorious music in as peaceful and total a manner as is possible for you; it is for you to set out to discover the inmost soul of the composer through his or her replete message written through the offering of melodious weavings designed to take you exactly into a contemplative mode if not state of mind.  Enjoy and prosper in the soul for what you can discover of inner peace and true self-realization as a devotee of the classical music tradition. 
Your Composer,
Marilynn Stark
2000  by Marilynn Stark   All Rights Reserved.  Revised May, 2009

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